Ioannis M. Karakostas

"The Applied Sophotherapeftiki"


The modern concept of applied "sofotherapeftiki" method is a new trend, a new current of thought, which appeared at the end of the 20th to the early 21th century. It's a practical philosophy that seeks to make human being as the only rational thinking entity. The sofotherapeftiki method as a therapy of knowledge appeals to the "healthy" way of thinking. It is proactive in the treatment of thought, through systematic and lifelong teaching, studying and learning the wisdom of intellectuals and especially the wisdom of philosophers. "Sofotherapeftiki" means "sofotherapeia", different than psychotherapy, which far from theory, should become a daily experience, practice of life in every man. Specifically, the aim is to popularize philosophical reason and reflection, in order to eliminate "cancer tumors" that damage the cells of the hegemonic center of the brain, namely the Mind. Teaching through his valid and scientifically documented web blog, eminent professor of philosophy of the University of Crete Mr. John Tzavaras, will give the opportunity to those who wish to study philosophy by themselves, without teacher, with help of slides, making knowledge more comprehensible, accessible and understandable to the most simple readers, but also in the transmission and understanding of philosophy teaching in wider social strata, which at current levels of human development should act like: "All people living as think and not think as they live."



Katelis Viglas

"THE STOICS: To Live according to Reason and Nature"


The philosophy of Stoicism was developed on the basis of the ancient Platonic and Aristotelian tradition, without hesitating to form its own perception of reality. Although Stoicism created a distinctive moral philosophy, it supported it on a logical philosophy of language and on a materialistic theory of nature. Yet, the shaping of stoic philosophy included a range of scientific data based on observation and experience. However, the moral and educative dimension of Stoicism - which survived until nowadays - is more about the effective way of dealing with everyday situations, thanks to the dispassionate and calm attitude towards the inescapable conditions imposed by reason and nature.

 Key words: logic, physics, ethics, language, cosmopolitanism, system




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